INXS, Toronto, September 26, 1997

These are photos I finally scanned in from the second INXS Toronto show. Since no one was taking pictures at the last INXS show in Pittsburg, these are the very last pictures of INXS performing live.
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All photos copyright 1997 John A. Vink
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(90K) Tim with a little bit of Garry and J.D.
(136K) Jon.
(94K) Tim.
(92K) Michael and a bit of Jon.
(126K) Jon.
(96K) Kirk.
(97K) Tim.
(101K) Michael.
(101K) Tim.
(90K) Garry and a bit of Tim.
(102K) Michael with Kirk and Andrew.
(100K) Kirk.
(103K) Michael.
(110K) Garry and Tim.
(96K) Michael.
(91K) Michael.
(81K) Michael.

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