Pictures Of INXS at Santa Barbara 2

Here are the photos I took at the show using my convential camera. I was able to get some good close-up shots, however the poor lighting resulted in only half the photos being usable. Click on any photo to download the larger version.

All photos copyright 1997 John A. Vink.
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The backup singers.
Michael singing, rest of band.
Kirk doing The Sax Thing.
Michael trying to be sultry, with Tim behind him,
More Kirk doing more of The Sax Thing.
Jon drumming away, with Kirk and Andrew.
Kirk guitaring away.
The band.
Michael singing.
The band.
Andrew guitaring.
Kirk and Andrew on guitar.
Michael moving his head fast.
Tim guitaring. Jon Drumming.
Andrew guitaring.
The band playing the first chords of Elegantly Wasted. Michael has yet to make his grand appearance.

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