What is it?
Copy and Paste Extreme is an application for sharing your clipboard between multiple machines.

Let's say you're in your office with a couple of Macs. You have some source code you want to send to someone in an email, but your source code is on one Mac, and your email application is on another Mac. You want to copy the source code to the clipboard on one Mac, and paste it into an email on the other Mac. This is what Copy and Paste Extreme does.

New in version 1.0.3, you can also convert any rich text on your clipboard to plain text. This is useful when you are copying text from web pages, emails, or other applications and you want to paste it into another application, but you don't want all the formatting and colours and fonts to come along with it. Just choose 'Make Plain Text', and pasting into other application will keep the same formatting you were already using in that application.

How does it work?
You can either get the clipboard from another Mac, or send your clipboard to another Mac. When you launch Copy and Paste Extreme, it registers itself on the network using Bonjour. So your machine can get and send clipboards to and from any other Mac on your local network that is also running Copy and Paste Extreme.

From our example, you would

Did you steal this idea?
Yes and No. I was going to write this many years ago at MacHack, but then Clipboard Sharing came out right about the same time, and it did exactly what I wanted. But, Clipboard Sharing has not been updated in many years, and so doesn't work on Intel machines and has a host of other problems.


Download Copy and Paste Extreme 1.0.4 here

- Mac OS 10.3.9 or later