Tue Sep 21, 2004

Tears for Fears in San Francisco

I saw Tears for Fears perform in San Francisco as part of Alice radio's Now and Zen festival. The festival included Howie Day, of whom I have not heard before, Dashboard Confessional, who play music that I do not listen to, Morrissey, who had to cancel because of sinusitis and laryngitis, and Tears for Fears.

I went to the festival to see Tears for Fears. They sounded pretty good. One moment I thought was particularly entertaining. Curt Smith mentioned that a lot of the audience looked too young to know who they were. So, he said the band would do a cover of a recent popular song. They then did a cover of Gary Jules' Mad World. This was entertaining because Gary Jules' Mad World is a cover of a Tears for Fears song. They played it like Gary Jules' rendition. Unfortunately, Tears for Fears were only prepared to play a short set, not knowing of Morrissey's impending doom.

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Mon Jun 28, 2004

Sophie B. Hawkins was fabulous

Last night I saw Sophie B. Hawkins perform at Cafe Du Nord in San Francisco. Apparently it was part of the Gay Pride festivities, allowing me to learn something new about Sophie. The concert was fabulous. She sang amazingly, and she reminded me that I love so many of her songs. It was a really small venue, so I could stand right up front and practically touch her, although I was able to contain myself.

After the show she hung around to chat with her fans. I got her to sign a postcard that a member of her street team gave me.


I have all of her albums. I bought her Whaler CD, and I loved it so I bought her Tongues and Tails CD, which I also loved. She does a fabulous rendition of Bob Dylan's I Want You. Her latest CD is Wilderness, which is great. I was worried I wouldn't like it because I don't like most CDs that come out these days, but I've been listening to this one a lot.

Sophie B. Hawkins Underground

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Mon Oct 06, 2003

Simply Red was pretty good

I saw Simply Red perform at the Saratoga Mountain Winery last night. It was a pretty good show.

The show started late since the opening act had cancelled. Everywhere I turned there was a sign letting me know this. I wonder why they thought it was so important I knew.

I was concerned when I didn't recognize the first 5 or so Simply Red songs. They played stuff from their new CD, but I'm not sure if they knew that their new CD hasn't come out yet here in the US. They made a comment at the start of the show suggesting that this was the first show of their tour. I find the Saratoga Mountain Winery an odd place to start a tour.

But my fears came to an end. 2 of my favorite songs ever (not merely my 2 favorite Simply Red songs) are Something Got Me Started and Money's Too Tight To Mention, which the played both. Another Simply Red favorite is Fairground, which they played. They saved their newest hit, Sunrise, until the very end of their second "encore".

Overall a pretty good show. But pricey.

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