Wed Mar 03, 2004

Gas is a lotta money

My motor vehicle displayed an illuminated picture of a gas pump to me, indicating that it needed more fuel. I went to a Texaco near work and started pumping. After a couple of gallons, I noticed this huge fee it was charging me. $2.03 per gallon for the cheap 87 stuff. What an outrage! I'll show them! I'll only get half a tank, and then resume fueling somewhere where the management hasn't gone crazy.

Apparently I've been oblivious until now of a gas price spike. Driving around I've noticed prices up to $2.09 per gallon. Has Iraq started falling into the ocean or something? I thought all the problems were cleared up over there.

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Sat Sep 13, 2003

Bye Mr. Ritter

John Ritter just suddenly passed away. That really bummed me out. I always enjoyed him in his Three's Company series and the latest 8 Simple Rules series

Perhaps the biggest bummer is the suddenness and untimeliness of his passing. He was young, and no one saw it coming. He should have been around for years to come to make us laugh. His cause of death was something that there was little he could do to detect or prevent.


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Sun Aug 10, 2003

I'm getting old

I've been 31 for a few hours now. It feels a lot like being 30. Good thing I look young and can still pass for mid 20's. Turning 31 is much better than turning 29. I don't know if this happens to everyone, but my head exploded the moment I turned 29.

I've been getting old for a long time. When I was a kid and I listened to all the hip songs on the radio, my parents would say "Turn that down! That's not music, that's garbage!". Today when I hear the hip songs on the radio, I say "Turn that down! That's not music, that's garbage!".

Even worse, when I was a kid, the Classic Rock stations would be playing stuff from the 60's. Now when I turn on the Classic Rock stations, they're playing songs from the 80's! The 80's was the decade with the only good music. I'm going to be some old guy saying, "I remember when I saw INXS in '88. Now that was a good show."

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Wed Jul 16, 2003

Something's wrong with the DMV

I need to go to the DMV for reasons I'm not going to get into just yet. The DMV wants you to make an appointment to see them, but appointments are scheduled 3 weeks or more out, so that has definitely lost much of its usefulness.

So I get to the DMV at 7:55 AM. I thought I would be there 65 minutes before they opened, but I was only 35 minutes before they opened. At this point, the line is already wrapped around the building. So I figure that it'll be 3 hours before I'm served. I abort my mission.

So the only way to get served at the DMV is to be there at least one hour before they open. Should it not be obvious to someone yet that something is broken? How long before you see people bring tents and camping out the night before?

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Mon Jun 09, 2003

Oh Snapple, why have you forsaken me?

Snapple had a flavour of lemonade that they called Classic Lemonade. It was good and had 10% real juice and was "Made from the best stuff on Earth".

But now they have a different flavour simply called Lemonade. The labeling on the bottle looks identical to Classic Lemonade so you'd be fooled into buying it. But once you do, and you have some, you'll ask yourself, "has this lemonade gone bad?" It's got a nasty aftertaste. After closer inspection, it contains less than 1% real juice. I thought, "That can't be right!".

It's not right. It's wrong. It's not the best stuff on earth anymore. And I still have to pay the same price. Oh Snapple, why have you forsaken me?

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Fri Jun 06, 2003

I lost an eBay auction

I've had a song stuck in my head for the last 9 years. It's a song by Longfellow, who used to go by Baron Longfellow, who used to go by Andy Kim. The song is Powerdrive, and it never appeared on an album, just a CD single.

That CD single recently appeared on eBay. I had been searching eBay for it for years, and it had never appeared, not even once. So when it appeared, I was very excited. It's also a rather obscure Canadian only release, so I didn't think I would have much bidding competition.

I was wrong. There were 4 other bidders, bidding non-trivial amounts. I carefully watched the auciton end. With 2 minutes left, someone outbid me. I wasn't going to bid again though, since I couldn't really justify paying more than $46 plus $3 shipping for a CD single.

So what's the deal? Why is this CD single so valuable to anyone but me?

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