Sun May 09, 2004

All INXS albums now on iTunes

As you all know, INXS is the best rock group that ever was. Now all the albums from the best rock group is available on the best online music store.

The iTunes Music Store now features all the albums starting with the debut INXS in 1980 to the Best Of in 2002. This is great and you should buy them all.

INXS on iTunes:INXS

Download iTunes

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Tue Jun 17, 2003

See my iTunes music store commercial

You know those Apple TV commercials for the iTunes music store? Well, this past weekend I made my own "spoof" TV commercial. It sounded like a real good idea in my head, but the results didn't live up to my imagination. But check it out here anyways:

People tell me they like it. Maybe they just like seeing me make a fool of myself.

Posted by: jav on Jun 17, 03 | 8:22 pm | Profile

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