Sun Apr 12, 2009

I was on TV again

I was at the Bone Marrow Registry Drive at The Tech in San Jose. The news crew from KTSF came.

I'm in the very last half second, looking goofy holding a sign.

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Wed Apr 01, 2009


Here's me playing dodgeball. You can't tell from this picture (or maybe you can), but the throw was absolutely horrible.


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Mon Dec 29, 2008

The Disappearing Beard

A while back I started growing a beard to see what it would look like. Turns out, it made me look evil. So the beard had to go.

My dad was visiting for a few days. He said I should get rid of it. He was a smoker who was trying to quit, so I made a deal with him: for each day he did not smoke, I would shave off one sixth of my beard.

Most normal people would shave it off evenly, but not me. I shaved it off, one sixth at a time, from left to right. This is a picture from day 3.


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Sun Nov 09, 2008

The Evil John A. Vink

My wife wondered what I would look like with a beard. So I grew one. Then everyone who saw me called me the evil John A. Vink.


Apparently there was some Star Trek episode where Captain Kirk grew a beard and then became evil. I'm not really a science fiction fan, so I'm not sure I ever saw that episode.

Turns out my wife didn't like it, so it's gone now.

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Mon Aug 11, 2008

I was on TV

In case you missed it, I was on TV.

To clear up a few things:
I am not a bachelor, even though I am labelled Geeky Bachelor #5. I'm just hanging out with my bachelor friends.
Also, I do not live in an apartment with my mom. I own my own house and live with my wife.

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Wed Jul 30, 2008

My Life on the E-List

I got a very surprising phone call today. The producers of Kathy Griffin's My Life on the D-List telephoned me to tell me that I will be appearing on the show that airs next Thursday, August 7.

I was surprised for several reasons. First I was surprised that they would call everyone who was to appear on the show to tell them that they were going to appear on TV. Next, I was surprised that I was appearing on the TV show. Sure, I was around when the crew was filming an episode, and the camera was on me when I was talking to people, but I assumed ever since that day that all appearances of me would be edited out. I didn't say anything very interesting while on camera.

Me in the foreground with other famous people behind me, including Woz, Kathy Griffin, and Rachel True.

I have no idea how much of me will be on TV. I assumed that the most I would appear would be walking around in the background. That still may be the case. Perhaps the producers were just calling everyone they had a release for, whether or not they made the final cut or not.

Anyways, be sure to watch for me. It's My Life on the D-List on Bravo on the episode that airs on Thursday, August 7, 2008.


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Fri Mar 14, 2008

Pie Day

Today is March 14, which is known to geeks everywhere as Pie Day. That's because the first few digits of pi is 3.14.

So I went to Baker's Square yesterday to buy some pies. I asked the cashier lady if she knew it was Pie Day tomorrow. I fully expected her to not have heard of it, and when I told her about it, she would think I was some kind of geek/nerd/loser.

But the cashier had already heard about Pie Day since some other guy was in that day getting pies for his math class. Even so, I still believe she thinks I am some kind of geek/nerd/loser.

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Fri Jan 11, 2008

How you like me now, bitch?

I'm a geek, and now that makes me real cool. When people hear that I'm an engineer at Apple, they get real interested and ask me lots of questions and shake my hand and want to be my friend.

But it wasn't always that way. Back in high school and junior high, I was a geek, and didn't have many friends. People wanted to talk to me, but were too afraid of becoming a geek like me. For example, I just got this email from this guy who was a friend of my older sister:

I still remember coming over to visit yer sister, and you would be playing around with your Comodore 64 and a phone modem, doing things no one else even cared about back in 1985. I was so interested in what you were doing, as I was playing around with my VIC 20 at home... don't tell anyone. I guess I didn't want to look like a geek, so I never talked to you about it. You were one step ahead of all of us all... we just didn't know it.

(For the more sensitive readers, "How You Like Me Now" is a new expression used by the young kids today, and "How you like me now, bitch" has popped up in music lyrics and even episodes of Scrubs.)

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Wed Oct 17, 2007

Freeway Crop Circles


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Tue Aug 21, 2007

Voicemail from "Ron"

"Ron" (not his real name) was coming to meet me for lunch. He called and left a voicemail to say he was nearby. Something happened in the car when he was leaving the message:

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