Wed Mar 11, 2009

I invented new iPods

Apple announced new iPod shuffles today.

These iPods are half the physical size, and double the storage size compared to the previous shuffles. It's so small, there's no room for any buttons. The buttons are included in the special headphones that come with it.

Because of the greater capacity, we made it easier to navigate through playlists and songs. The iPod uses text-to-speech to announce playlists and track names and artists.

It supports 14 languages. iTunes tries to figure out what language each of your songs are in, and announces your songs in an appropriate voice.

You can buy it tomorrow for $79. 4 GB.


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Wed Mar 04, 2009

Freshly Ground Salt?

In our cafeteria, we now have salt and pepper grinders:


I don't like fresh ground pepper. Grinding pepper ends up giving you huge chunks of pepper. I prefer my pepper ground in the factory where it can be ground into a fine dust. But I can remotely imagine some people thinking it's better because it's fresh. Whatever.

But I cannot understand fresh ground salt. I can't imagine salt can go "stale". It's a mineral. How could it get stale? And I imagine huge chunks of salt in your food is even worse than huge chunks of pepper.

I've always been annoyed at restaurants in San Francisco because, in my view, they always ruin food by trying to be fancy. I've never had a normal green salad in San Francisco. Something weird always has to come into play - poppy seed, balsamic, leaves that don't come from heads of lettuce, etc. I suspect this salt grinder is the same thing. It doesn't make the food any better, it just makes people think they are special and highfalutin.

Really, can anyone tell me what the deal is with salt you grind yourself?

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Tue Jul 22, 2008

I was there when the comeback began!

I joined Apple way back in June 1996. Apple wasn't doing very well, and was posting regular losses. We had a new CEO Gil Amelio who was trying to turn things around.

To make people believe he was doing a good job, he cooked the books and made a fake quarterly profit of $25 million. He made a bunch of cheap hats and bumper stickers and handed them out at a company-wide meeting on July 22, 1996. They said, "I was there when the comeback began! July 22, 1996"


In reality, the comeback had not yet begun, and Gil Amelio would not be around when the comeback would eventually begin. I think we announced a $750 million loss the next quarter. Every year on July 22, I dig out my hat and wear it as a homage - a mocking homage - to Gil.

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Tue Mar 04, 2008

Al Gore in a hybrid

As I was leaving the Apple Inc annual shareholder meeting this morning, I saw Al Gore cram his baggage into the trunk of this hybrid, and then get into the driver seat and drive away.


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Wed Dec 19, 2007

I was on the radio

I listen to The Geoff Show on Virgin UK Radio over the Internet while I'm at work. One day, they were inviting listeners to email them if you thought you had the best job. So, I emailed them and told them I invent iPods and iPhones, and they got all excited:

It's a true story about how I met some guy at the mall, and he was very excited to meet an actual iPod engineer. And he wasn't just some guy - he was an actual rocket scientist at NASA Ames in Mountain View.

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Sat Dec 01, 2007

I met Kathy Griffin

Last night I had front row tickets to the Kathy Griffin show at the Flint Center in Cupertino. The tickets were pretty easy to get - I just showed up at the box office just before they opened on the morning tickets went on sale, and grabbed 7 tickets for me and my friends.

The show started off with Kathy running on stage, and her iPhone flying out of her pocket and onto the floor of the stage. So, she went on about some things she didn't like about the iPhone.

I knew someone who knows Kathy personally, so he was able to arrange for us to meet her backstage after the show. It was pretty cool. We told her right away that we were a bunch of Apple engineers, and some of us actually worked on the iPhone, so she took advantage of the situation and got us to show her how to do some stuff on her iPhone. We spent about 20 minutes with her, and she posed for pictures between iPhone lessons.


Before we left, we invited her to our weekly dinner club, and then she said, "Oh, you're those people!" Maybe we'll see her again.

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Thu Sep 06, 2007

I invented new iPods

Look at these cool iPods I just invented:


They're real cool. They play video, and have a groovy new UI.

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AltaVista Search: who invented the ipods

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Wed Apr 18, 2007

I met the MythBusters!

In the last couple months I started watching MythBusters almost every night. They've been on the air long enough that almost all the episodes are new to me.

I was in the Apple cafeteria today eating lunch, when I see this guy. The guy looks familiar, like maybe a guy I'd seen at Apple before. I look a little more carefully at him, and think that he looks a lot like that guy from MythBusters. You know, that guy with the funny French hat. Then I look at the guy beside him, and quickly realize that it's the MythBusters guys.

I call my girlfriend right away since we watch TV together, and she gets excited for me. She insists that I get a picture with them and get an autograph. I didn't have a camera or anything but my business card for them to sign, but I didn't want to disappoint my baby. So I ask one of the guys at their table who I saw had a camera if he could take a photo and email it to me, and asked the guys if I could get a picture with them. I noticed I wasn't the only one to ask for a photo with them.

JAV with Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage

I don't know if they get recognized wherever they go, but they're very popular at Apple - "nerd central".

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Wed Jan 10, 2007

I invented the iPhone

Well, me and a few hundred other engineers. But no, I still can't tell you what part I did.


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Sat Jan 06, 2007

New Business Cards

I just recently changed jobs at Apple. I moved from System Software to Head of Mac Desktop Software for the iPod Division. My new business cards just arrived:


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