Tue Nov 06, 2007

My dog went to New York and got robbed

My dog Kitai was on the Today Show last week to show off the costume his mom made him. He didn't win. All my friends tell me he was robbed.

Look at his appearance and judge for yourself.

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Sun Oct 28, 2007

My dog is going to be on the Today show

Now that I'm married, I can now say I have a dog named Kitai.


Kitai is going to be on NBC's Today Show on Wednesday, October 31, in his Halloween costume. I expect you'll be able to see my new bride Stacie on TV too. The show is flying Stacie and Kitai to New York to appear live.

I'm kinda bummed at the thought that my dog may become more famous than me. I don't recall him inventing any iPods.

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