Sun Apr 26, 2009

I publish the South Winchester News

I started a new site that covers news on South Winchester Boulevard in San Jose. It's called South Winchester News. While I'm out and about, I take pictures of new things that are happening, do some research on them, and then write an article. So, if I see a new business, or a business closing, or some construction happening, I'll write an article about it. I've even started being journalistic and called some people.

I even convinced some people to help. My friend Scott, who lives on the south end of South Winchester, is going to reporting on things happening down there, and my wife Stacie will be doing restaurant reviews.

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Sun Apr 12, 2009

I was on TV again

I was at the Bone Marrow Registry Drive at The Tech in San Jose. The news crew from KTSF came.

I'm in the very last half second, looking goofy holding a sign.

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Sat Apr 11, 2009

I bowled a 233

This Thursday I bowled a 233:


After my handicap was added, it was a 279. I think this is the highest I have ever bowled. And no, this was not Wii bowling, this was real 10-pin bowling at Homestead Lanes in Cupertino.

My highest 15-pin bowling game was 310. This sounds impossible, but the highest score in a 15-pin bowling game is 450. I think that was my only score above 300.

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Wed Apr 01, 2009


Here's me playing dodgeball. You can't tell from this picture (or maybe you can), but the throw was absolutely horrible.


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Wed Mar 11, 2009

I invented new iPods

Apple announced new iPod shuffles today.

These iPods are half the physical size, and double the storage size compared to the previous shuffles. It's so small, there's no room for any buttons. The buttons are included in the special headphones that come with it.

Because of the greater capacity, we made it easier to navigate through playlists and songs. The iPod uses text-to-speech to announce playlists and track names and artists.

It supports 14 languages. iTunes tries to figure out what language each of your songs are in, and announces your songs in an appropriate voice.

You can buy it tomorrow for $79. 4 GB.


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Wed Mar 04, 2009

Freshly Ground Salt?

In our cafeteria, we now have salt and pepper grinders:


I don't like fresh ground pepper. Grinding pepper ends up giving you huge chunks of pepper. I prefer my pepper ground in the factory where it can be ground into a fine dust. But I can remotely imagine some people thinking it's better because it's fresh. Whatever.

But I cannot understand fresh ground salt. I can't imagine salt can go "stale". It's a mineral. How could it get stale? And I imagine huge chunks of salt in your food is even worse than huge chunks of pepper.

I've always been annoyed at restaurants in San Francisco because, in my view, they always ruin food by trying to be fancy. I've never had a normal green salad in San Francisco. Something weird always has to come into play - poppy seed, balsamic, leaves that don't come from heads of lettuce, etc. I suspect this salt grinder is the same thing. It doesn't make the food any better, it just makes people think they are special and highfalutin.

Really, can anyone tell me what the deal is with salt you grind yourself?

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Mon Feb 16, 2009

Simpsons in High Def

The Simpsons had their first ever broadcast in high definition last night, and it was awesome.

I had been noticing for the last few years that the opening credits, which were probably produced around 1989, had started to look technicolor. The storyline of the new opening credits is slightly different, but it's mostly the same but the image quality looks amazing. Of course there were always gags in the opening credits that made it different every week, most of the opening credits were the same.

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Mon Dec 29, 2008

The Disappearing Beard

A while back I started growing a beard to see what it would look like. Turns out, it made me look evil. So the beard had to go.

My dad was visiting for a few days. He said I should get rid of it. He was a smoker who was trying to quit, so I made a deal with him: for each day he did not smoke, I would shave off one sixth of my beard.

Most normal people would shave it off evenly, but not me. I shaved it off, one sixth at a time, from left to right. This is a picture from day 3.


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Sat Dec 20, 2008

Tom Jones comes to Apple

Tom Jones came to Apple yesterday. He was the secret special musical guest at our Beer Bash. He performed some old favorites, "It's Not Unusual" and "What's New Pussycat?", some songs from his new album, and some Christmas songs. A good time was had by all.


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Sun Nov 09, 2008

The Evil John A. Vink

My wife wondered what I would look like with a beard. So I grew one. Then everyone who saw me called me the evil John A. Vink.


Apparently there was some Star Trek episode where Captain Kirk grew a beard and then became evil. I'm not really a science fiction fan, so I'm not sure I ever saw that episode.

Turns out my wife didn't like it, so it's gone now.

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