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Mac foils Windows again!

I bought a Mac Mini for my dad to have him switch by force. He lives in Canada, so I had to take it across the border with me.

I got to the customs official when entering Canada and I declared it because I'm very honest and a wonderful person. I declared it with a value of $450. The custom guy said I was only allowed to bring in up to $60 without paying duties, which I knew. I was like, "fine, I'll pay your duties." Then he said it was my lucky day because all of their computers were down. So I was allowed to walk through without paying any duty.

As I walk toward the exit, I glance at the computer screens, and they are all displaying a Windows XP Professional screen. Ha ha, Mac beats Windows yet again!

Posted by: jav on Jun 30, 05 | 7:13 pm | Profile


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