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Where to move to in Canada

In light of the recent US election results, people have been asking me where in Canada they should move to. So here are some ideas.

Toronto in the financial and cultural center of Canada. It boats lots of tall buildings, broadway-type musicals, and major league sporting teams (NHL, MLB, NBA). It's a fun city with lots to do.

Ottawa, the nation's capital, is the center of the high tech industry. You can cross a bridge to get into Quebec, where the bars are open later.

Vancouver/Victoria on the west coast have the same kind of weather as Seattle. So, you don't have to worry about snow like the rest of Canada. And it's close to Whistler, which is a top notch resort town known for skiing and other stuff.

I think Quebec City is the prettiest city. It's real old and looks like an old European city. Perhaps a place to visit instead of a place to live. Knowing the French language helps.

I don't know the legal issues about moving to Canada, but Canada pretty much lets anybody in. Say you're seeking asylum from a madman who is going to get your country bombed.

No Canada safe haven for Democrats

Posted by: jav on Nov 03, 04 | 11:00 am | Profile


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