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Vote for Kerry

I can't vote since I'm a foreigner taking away good American jobs. So please vote for Kerry on my behalf. Thanks.

Posted by: jav on Oct 28, 04 | 5:32 pm | Profile


I find your webiste interesting and appreciate the fact you are from Trail as I am. Nice picture of downtown and Cominco. It brings back summer memories of 35 Celcius weather, swimming the Onions at Gyro park and whatnot.

Well, I'm from Warfield to be exact.

What I find interesting is your take on being a foreigner taking good American jobs. Don't you find that just a little condescending? I understand our 'we think we are better than Americans' syndrome that was taught to us at J Lloyd Crowe and UBC (where I went), but if we need to leave Canada to look for good jobs (or as you put it, be a foreigner taking good American jobs), how good is Canada in reality?

Hopefully when your temporary stay in the US is at an end, you'll appreciate it a little more. Man, we have it good, no?

People who act like this are why I choose not to carry a Canuck flag on my backpack when I travel abroad.

Posted by: Dereck on Feb 09, 05 | 12:43 pm
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