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Traffic school was a joke

I went to Great Comedy traffic school last Saturday. It was a joke, and I don't mean because of the comedy.

Our instructor Baylor only adhered to one rule of traffic school - that we be there for 400 minutes. Here are some of the interesting things that happened that I am sure are not in the spirit of traffic school.

1. He was required to show us a video. He held up a video tape over his head, and said "Everyone see the video?"
2. He advised us how to commit perjury (a felony) without getting caught.
3. He was required to give us a test, but our score was irrelevant. The questions for the test were: 1) What is my dog's name? 2) How many cats do I have? 3) What is my wife's name? I scored 1 out of 3 on the test, but I still passed.
4. He threw the instruction manual aside and just told us stories.
5. While he was teaching the class, he was actually taking it himself! He has been to traffic school 13 times.

Posted by: jav on Sep 24, 04 | 12:40 pm | Profile


Get Arnold on the case at once!


Posted by: Scott on Sep 28, 04 | 12:02 am

where did you go to traffic school? and when...I might of been there.

Posted by: me on Nov 29, 04 | 6:55 pm
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