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What I think about INXS and Rock Star

I originally posted this message a few weeks ago to an INXS message board. That message has since expired, and people have asked to see it again, so I'm posting it here.

Here's my thoughts about INXS being a part of the upcoming Rock Star reality show. I'm really quite excited about it.

This will give the band great exposure. The last few studio albums by INXS have been great. But sales lingered because there wasn't enough exposure. I think even the last tour in the US would have been more successful with more exposure.

It's great to see something new from the band. The band has made a number of releases over the past number of years, but they have amounted to re-releases of existing material. This is something new from the band.

It's like seeing my friends on TV. Each week I'll be able to tune in and see my friends from INXS. The only time I get to see them now is when they tour through the US, which hasn't happened for a couple years, and I hadn't expected to happen again for some time.

If we don't like the winner, it's only for a tour. There's no mention of the winner joining the band or recording new material with the band. If the winner turns out to be great, then that door is always open. But it should be obvious to all if the new person doesn't fit in, and we won't have to worry about him anymore.

I get to see INXS on tour. I absolutely love following INXS on the road from city to city, and without this, I didn't expect it to happen for some time, if ever.

People will become aware of INXS again. Right now, most people don't think INXS are together, and don't think they ever released an album after X in 1991. With INXS in the limelight, people will pay more attention and become exposed to some of the great music INXS has done in the last 10 years.

If INXS is ever going to tour again anyways, a singer needs to be found. This is probably a better way to do it than many others. This allows the band to see a wide array of candidates. The people auditioning will be people who fit together with a rock band like INXS. They won't be people who may do well on American Idol performing in a completely different genre.

I trust INXS's judgment. It's not like America votes for the singer and the band is stuck with it. INXS vote along with a music expert.

Whether you like Survivor or Apprentice or any reality show or not (I liked Apprentice), Mark Burnett is the king of reality shows. INXS will have teamed with the best in the business, making the chance of the show being successful just that much better.

One last time - exposure. INXS could release the best rock album ever produced tomorrow, but without exposure, it wouldn't sell or get radio airplay. A lot of great bands from the 80s put out albums today and no one notices. And I can't believe that all these bands suddenly started to suck in 1990. I know the band is capable of making a fabulous album, and I'd love to see it succeed like Kick.

I think this is exciting and new, and doing this is better than the band doing nothing. I think this is really one of the few bands if not the only band that could pull this off. As I've said before, my biggest concern since 1997 was that the band would wrap it up, so I love any sign that that's not happening.

Posted by: jav on Jul 21, 04 | 11:10 am | Profile


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