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I lost an eBay auction

I've had a song stuck in my head for the last 9 years. It's a song by Longfellow, who used to go by Baron Longfellow, who used to go by Andy Kim. The song is Powerdrive, and it never appeared on an album, just a CD single.

That CD single recently appeared on eBay. I had been searching eBay for it for years, and it had never appeared, not even once. So when it appeared, I was very excited. It's also a rather obscure Canadian only release, so I didn't think I would have much bidding competition.

I was wrong. There were 4 other bidders, bidding non-trivial amounts. I carefully watched the auciton end. With 2 minutes left, someone outbid me. I wasn't going to bid again though, since I couldn't really justify paying more than $46 plus $3 shipping for a CD single.

So what's the deal? Why is this CD single so valuable to anyone but me?

Posted by: jav on Jun 06, 03 | 11:21 am | Profile


I am the sucessful bidder on Powerdrive

Posted by: BGV on Jan 10, 04 | 11:28 am

hi there,

i have been looking for that song for a very long time and i couldn't remember who sang it.
Do you know anywhere I could download that song? I always figured this song would someday apply to my life and it currently does.

Posted by: sweetkat on Sep 27, 04 | 2:21 pm

Is there any olace to even hear this song?

Posted by: Colleen on Apr 09, 05 | 9:31 am

thank god, someone else finally realized what i was listening to , the song power drive is one of my fave songs, but inever realized it was from andy kim, isn,t he fairly up there in the years, he had a real good hit years ago

Posted by: tracy on Jan 07, 06 | 11:20 pm

I remember Baron Longfellow's album however I could never remember the name of the album, only that it had such great songs like 'Hold Me', 'In the Night Machine', etc. Well, my sister says she has that album on cassette which I intend to put onto CD, if you are ever interested in a copy. Cheers.

Posted by: Verne Solonas on Nov 24, 06 | 2:06 pm

Okay, I found out that Baron Longfellow produced a number of albums previously under the name 'Andy Kim' with hits like 'Rainbow Ride' in 1969, and later with
'Rock Me Baby'. Also, believe it or not, he also wrote 'Sugar Sugar' for the Archies TV hit series.

I did a search on MSN under Andy Kim and located a couple of his sites including one that listed all his albums and ALL HIS SONGS!! Rah rah!!

Cheers folks.

Posted by: Verne Solonas on Dec 19, 06 | 10:33 am
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