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I'm a basket head

I got a new groovy haircut. Look at this:

I got the idea from this show on Comedy Central called Straight Plan for the Gay Man. This is what they did to some guy:

I'm certain that this new haircut will get me all the chicks. Oh yeah. As long as I start also acting like an asshole. Chicks dig assholes with basketballs shaved in their head.

Posted by: jav on May 02, 04 | 10:43 pm | Profile


Interesting new do. As for the women, just act yourself and you'll be fine. Also, try not calling them 'chicks' to their face : )

Posted by: Susan on May 03, 04 | 6:25 am

For the record: I'd go out with you if you didn't live so damned far.

Posted by: Susan on May 03, 04 | 7:16 am

Why are you emulating a gay man's haircut? Was the episode so compelling that you are questioning your sexual orientation?

Posted by: duane on May 06, 04 | 1:04 am

You don't understand the concept of the show. It's about guys who are gay but want to live like a hetrosexual for a day or seomthing. So this is a very hetrosexual haircut.

What are you, a moron?

Posted by: JAV on May 06, 04 | 11:53 am

No, it is a heterosexual haircut for a gay man. No heterosexuals in history have ever cut their hair like that. And don't try and suggest Dennis Rodman is a heterosexual.
Lastly, I should point out that all heterosexuals know how to spell heterosexual, so keep the hairdo. :)

Posted by: duane on May 06, 04 | 8:29 pm

Sorry, but I'd like to retract any statements i've made on this site. My bad.

Posted by: Susan on May 06, 04 | 8:47 pm

Oy! It looks like a yamaka! And Susan: get a good Jewish accountant. He can correct your bad by balancing your statements! Oy! I kill me!


Posted by: Shlomo on May 24, 04 | 11:04 pm
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