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Quack Quack

I now have my very own baby duck!

I love baby ducks. I have been going to the park every weekend for the last month since I know the babies hatch about this time every year. So I was at Memorial Park in Cupertino on Sunday, and the baby ducks finally arrived!

But alas, my joy soon turned to sadness. The city decided to pick this time to drain the pond. All the ducks look like they are in misery when the pond gets drained, and now was particularly bad timing with the new ducklings just coming out.

I could only see what looked like one family of ducks. There was about 8 baby ducks and a mommy and daddy duck. Later, I saw a little duck all on its own. No apparent mommy and daddy, and duck families usually stay together.

This poor little guy (or girl) was stuck on his own. Because the pond was being drained, he was often stuck in the mud and kept falling over. At one point, the mommy duck who was mommy to the other ducks came close, and then appeared to attack it. I can only imagine that this mommy duck was being territorial, or this baby ducks was the mommy duck's, but the mommy had disowned it or something. What could a poor little baby duck do to get disowned.

A couple of us witnessed this poor little duck getting stuck in the mud, and we all wanted to help out. I volunteered to take it home, although if I didn't, someone else would have.

The pond is a very dangerous place. Here are some pictures I took "by accident" of a seagull snatching a baby duck:

Here's a picture of "Quacky" with his or her rubber ducky:

Which baby duck would you rather be?

Posted by: jav on Apr 05, 04 | 7:03 pm | Profile


A snack for your cats?

Posted by: duane on Apr 06, 04 | 7:16 pm
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