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Winchester Boulevard under construction

My street is under a lot of construction.

First, next door they are constructing a new apartment complex.

This was an big old farmhouse a few years back. They knocked it down and the property sat empty until a month or so ago.

Now across the street it looks like they're going to knock down some old houses and put something up. They fenced up the old houses in preparation for knocking over.

We had a Marie Callender's across the street, but it closed down a few months ago. Now it looks like it's going to be a Crazy Buffet. The name sounds low class, but apparently it's a high class sushi chain.

Finally, they're going to be building a big ol' median down Winchester Boulevard over the next couple months. That should class up the area a bit. Things have been looking good ever since Starbucks moved in.

Posted by: jav on Mar 06, 04 | 10:41 pm | Profile


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