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Bummed about Duckman

I've been watching re-runs of Duckman on Comedy Central for the last little while. Last week on Duckman, Duckman is surprised to see the return of his wife, who he thought was dead. At that moment, "To be continued..." came across the screen.
I was excited to see this week's Duckman rerun, but there was no airing of Duckman. Bewildered and confused, I did some research on the Internet. Turns out, that was the last episode of the series, and so there was no completion to the To Be Continued.

Posted by: jav on Sep 01, 03 | 1:31 pm | Profile


i think duckman kicks ass its pretty funny i cant wait to see the new season

Posted by: olivia galante on Apr 10, 04 | 1:35 pm
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