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It's 2008 and the world has not ended

As I was placing the latest state quarter in my state quarter cabinet, I noticed that 2008 is the last year for state quarters.

I reminisced about when the state quarters first came out. I collected the quarters and didn't spend any of them. I bought one of those electronic component drawer cabinets with over 50 drawers, and labelled each drawer with the state and year that the state quarter would be released.


The bottom of the cabinet started at 1999, and they went all the way to top to 2008. Almost every state quarter I've ever got I have placed into this cabinet. It must be worth a fortune now.

So when I was printing out all these labels, 2008 seemed so far in the future, and I couldn't imagine the world would still be around. Well, at least not like we know it. I did not think that we'd all be dead, but I thought things would be much different. Huge droughts, unbearable pollution, earthquakes, water shortages, crop failures, nuclear bombs, etc.

But the world is still around, and the biggest difference I can think of between now and 1999 is the high gas prices. But I can't imagine the world will still be around in 2017.

Posted by: jav on Jul 07, 08 | 1:46 pm | Profile


What? Those were a collection? I've been using them for meter money when I go to San Francisco!

Posted by: TSG on Jul 08, 08 | 9:31 pm
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