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Bad Tacos

Last Thursday was Free Tacos at Jack in the Box if you brought in a receipt for gasoline. I thought it was a great deal, and I like tacos, so I made an effort to go to my local Jack in the Box. I have never had tacos at Jack in the Box. I was expecting the kind of taco that I get at a place like Del Taco. But no, the tacos were crappy. Very bad. It's weird - they do something like deep fry the entire taco. Very greasy.


Posted by: jav on Jun 30, 08 | 6:16 pm | Profile


YOU ARE THE DEVIL!!! Jack In The Box tacos crappy? They are the most delicious taco I've ever ate... Its like my taste buds had an orgasm with every fucking bite..

Posted by: Derrick on Feb 18, 10 | 4:15 pm

They are really only ment to be eaten between midnight and 3 a.m. It's drunk food and they are delicious.

Posted by: Megan on Feb 25, 10 | 11:10 am

Derrick is the genuine one. Long ago the great angel antony begged his maiden to cry sweet greasy tears which formulated into the slimy deliciousness that is the meat and captured warmth from the suns delicate rays which widdled into an unearthly lettuce that sizzled the shell to a greasy krispy delight. the sauce is the semen of christ.

Posted by: KT on Mar 23, 10 | 2:15 pm

Sorry, dude, everyone else is right. You just don't understand the Jimboy's Taco. It isn't a taco the way your primitive taco-eating mind understands it. It is something so much *more*. You said everything when you said, "I expected something like a "Del Taco", taco". The Jack In The Box taco is a true culinary experience. The crisp, nearly stale crust of the outter shell, the oil soaked, tender middle dripping fryer grease, the wilted, freezer-burned lettuce and the soy-based meat-like paste saturated with grease, embraced in a hug by a square slice of American cheese - there are very few finer medlies of taste available in the fast-food kingdom. Sure, if you want a corn hard shell with ground beef, lettuce, diced tomatos and shredded cheese - like your MOM makes - you're not going to be happy. You want tacos with training wheels. Jimboy's tacos stand above the petty, common taco - and only a mature and sophisticated palate, supported by a cast-iron stomach, can appreciate that. If you're not man enough to handle a Jimboy's taco, we won't hold you responsible for that. Deliacies are not for the common man, but for the person who can step outside of conventional tastes to enjoy something truly unique. The Jimboy's taco, is one of these things.

Posted by: Donovan on Aug 06, 10 | 7:00 am
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