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How you like me now, bitch?

I'm a geek, and now that makes me real cool. When people hear that I'm an engineer at Apple, they get real interested and ask me lots of questions and shake my hand and want to be my friend.

But it wasn't always that way. Back in high school and junior high, I was a geek, and didn't have many friends. People wanted to talk to me, but were too afraid of becoming a geek like me. For example, I just got this email from this guy who was a friend of my older sister:

I still remember coming over to visit yer sister, and you would be playing around with your Comodore 64 and a phone modem, doing things no one else even cared about back in 1985. I was so interested in what you were doing, as I was playing around with my VIC 20 at home... don't tell anyone. I guess I didn't want to look like a geek, so I never talked to you about it. You were one step ahead of all of us all... we just didn't know it.

(For the more sensitive readers, "How You Like Me Now" is a new expression used by the young kids today, and "How you like me now, bitch" has popped up in music lyrics and even episodes of Scrubs.)

Posted by: jav on Jan 11, 08 | 11:25 pm | Profile


So girlz weren't afraid of getting cooties, they were afraid of getting outed as nerdz!

Posted by: Nerdz! on Jan 12, 08 | 1:04 pm
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