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Fara on iTunes

Way back in the early 90's, I went to Quebec City. There I came across a street musician named Fara. I've written about him before in this blog. My mom and I bought some of his CDs, and I kept in contact with him for a while, buying more CDs as he made them. Over the years he moved, and I was unable to get in touch with him.

Earlier this year, I went back to Quebec City to propose to my girlfriend. While there, I found him again, performing in the very same spot. I got some more CDs, and offered to set up a web site for him, and sell his CDs online.

Now I have a website set up for him, and you can buy his CD Envol Heroique from iTunes. This is the first CD of his that I bought and one of my favorites. It's music he wrote himself. It's a mixture of electronic and solo piano. Very soothing yet powerful.

Posted by: jav on Dec 18, 07 | 9:17 pm | Profile


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