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Something's wrong with the DMV

I need to go to the DMV for reasons I'm not going to get into just yet. The DMV wants you to make an appointment to see them, but appointments are scheduled 3 weeks or more out, so that has definitely lost much of its usefulness.

So I get to the DMV at 7:55 AM. I thought I would be there 65 minutes before they opened, but I was only 35 minutes before they opened. At this point, the line is already wrapped around the building. So I figure that it'll be 3 hours before I'm served. I abort my mission.

So the only way to get served at the DMV is to be there at least one hour before they open. Should it not be obvious to someone yet that something is broken? How long before you see people bring tents and camping out the night before?

Posted by: jav on Jul 16, 03 | 10:55 am | Profile


They know something is broken, I'm sure. There just isn't enough money to hire more staff or keep longer hours. Such is life in a state with a gazillion-dollar deficit....

Posted by: Eric Albert on Jul 16, 03 | 9:03 pm
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