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Update your iPod's firmware now!

image The new iPod Firmware Updater is out, and I wrote it! I worked on the new iPod Updater 2006-01-10 available now through software update or here.

Posted by: jav on Jan 18, 06 | 3:26 pm | Profile


Thanks, it worked great for me and my new (well new to me) iPod Mini.

Posted by: Jussi on Jan 19, 06 | 6:54 pm

Hi John,
Whats up, the comparison at the beginning with matt is not cool. Otherwise the pictures of you in the booth and stuff are fun. I am not trying to knock your site, it's fun. I think you would be more photo jenic if you tilt your head forward and not smile so hard on pix. Big button so the chicks can email you. Your friend, Mark Agnello

Posted by: Mark Agnello on Jan 21, 06 | 8:43 pm

One more reason for me to get an iPOD. Great Work
Have you heard what FRANCE is trying to do to the IPOD and APPLE with their law!!!
Absurd. One more reason to hate French government.
By the way, my first thought also, on seeing several photos of you, as one who photographs headshots professionally, drop your chin. Some folks are chin droppers and a rare few are chin uppers. There is this just right zone for everyone, unless you are going for the big chin look. Psychologically, there is an impression made in the viewer's mind associated with angles of the head tilted up, down, and to the side: Masculine is generally straight on, effeminate to the side into the shoulder,
haughty, or aloof for the chin uppers, meek, shy, alluring for the chin droppers. If you have a physical condition that prevents positioning of the head that is ok, but otherwise people unconsciuosly assume what they see.

Posted by: BDavis on Mar 18, 06 | 10:16 am
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