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I found an orange tree in my backyard

Regular readers of my blog will know that I just bought a house. I got the house at the end of August and moved in in early September. So I've lived here for about 6 weeks. A couple weeks ago I bought an orange tree and planted it in my front yard.

Just 20 minutes ago, I found an orange tree in my backyard. I was very surprised. My backyard is not gigantic, so it's not like it was hiding in the west acre. It looked like a big bush. I thought I heard a rustle in the bush, so I went to see if there was a cat or squirrel in the bush. I didn't find any animals, but I found fruit. The oranges are very green since it's not orange season yet, so they were totally camouflaged within the green leaves.

I also have three other orange trees leaning over my property from neighbors' yards as well as a lemon tree. I'm going to eat well this year.

Posted by: jav on Oct 16, 05 | 5:36 pm | Profile


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