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Wacky iTunes top seller

Once in a while, you'll see a totally unexpected song become a best seller on the iTunes Music Store. Today, Don't Stop Believin' by Journey is the number 10 song. This is a great song, but it's from the 80's, and I have no idea why it's charting now. When I saw the song's ranking, I looked at some news sites to see if someone from Journey had died. Doesn't look like it. Journey's Greatest Hits album is also hovering at 34 on the album charts. What's the deal?

Around Hallowe'en and Christmas you also see some interesting best-sellers. But it's understandable why Michael Jackson's Thriller makes a comeback in late October. But this Journey thing has me baffled.

Posted by: jav on Aug 03, 05 | 4:18 pm | Profile


They are on tour with a new album Generations.

Posted by: helene on Aug 19, 05 | 12:30 pm
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