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Subway wants me to be a fat cow

Subway tries to be known for their healthy food that will turn you into Jared Small from Jared Big. But I'm thinking that your size is not at all what they are interested in. They just want your money, and they'll turn you into a fat cow if they need to, in order to get your money.

Americans are big and fat, and all the soda they drink doesn't help. I can't drink a lot of soda, so I just get a small one with my sandwich. 99 cents, and just the right size.

But Subway has decided that they can make more money by totally screwing me over. They have gotten rid of the small sized soda, and now their smallest is a medium sized soda for $1.49. I hate restaurants that have no "small" size. Just call the "medium" a "small".

A medium is too much for me, and end up throwing about a third of it out. Some people have no restraint, which is why they're fat, and so they'll drink the whole thing. But Subway doesn't care. They don't care about making you fat. Subway just wants that additional 50 cents, and all the people drinking small sodas were getting in their way.


Posted by: jav on Jul 29, 05 | 11:13 pm | Profile


You'll have to pony up the extra 50c but you can fool them by only drinking the same amount and then just throwing away the rest! I lost 40+ pounds over 10 years ago by doing that sort of thing.

Posted by: JK on Mar 28, 06 | 10:13 pm

try buying the kid's size?

Posted by: Spiceybooger on Jan 13, 07 | 11:28 am
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