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Canadian Chocolate Bars

There are some chocolate bars in Canada that I didn't realize how much I liked until I couldn't get them here. When you live in Canada, you're totally oblivious that these things are unique to Canada. Two in particular that I like are Aero and Coffee Crisp, which are made by Nestle. Nestle is a Swiss company that does business everywhere, even in the US. It's odd how the Canadian branch makes their own products just for Canada. I once saw the 7-11 next door with some Aero, but it was gone when that one box was gone.


Whenever family or friends come to visit, I try to get them to bring me some.

Posted by: jav on Mar 06, 04 | 9:47 pm | Profile


Aero and Coffee Crisp are both regular stock in England and probably most of Europe as well.

Posted by: Alex Rosenberg on Mar 08, 04 | 12:37 pm

You can get Coffee Crisp (and maybe Aero too) any old day at Gene's Fine Foods in Saratoga.


Posted by: Scott on Mar 28, 04 | 10:38 pm

Hiya Jav, those Aero-bars you're talking about are on the Dutch market under the name "Bros" (meaning crispy). They are great! We have a milk-chocolate an bitter-chocolate variety.

Can't you buy them somewhere over the internet?

Posted by: Ingy on May 07, 04 | 5:04 am

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Posted by: Jason on Jul 26, 04 | 9:53 pm
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