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I've got scroll buttons like the day is long

As a frequent visitor to http://www.homestarrunner.com , I've heard the song that Strongbad sings about his scroll buttons many times, and I have it stuck in my head. I wanted to find out where the phrase "Like The Day Is Long" originated from, because I know I've heard it before, but never really thought about what it means. I assume it just means "a lot".

But I've been singing the song around my colleague who's Japanese, and is confused by most expressions I use. I tried to explain what it meant, but don't think I succeeded. I did a Google search for "like the day is long", but wouldn't you know it, all the results where about someone having scroll buttons like the day is long.

Posted by: jav on Nov 29, 03 | 11:06 pm | Profile


Really? Please tell us more.

Posted by: Bllllopppppp on Dec 12, 03 | 10:30 pm
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