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Raiders of the Lost Ark remake at SmartFriends U

I just got back from the SmartFriends U conference, and one of the big highlights was the showing of the remake of Raiders of the Lost Ark.

Back around 1982, Chris Strompolis's life changed after he saw Raiders of the Lost Ark. He and his friends got together, and starting at age 12, shot a shot-for-shot remake of the movie. 7 years later they were finally done and they sat on it for about 13 years. We were lucky enough to have Chris Strompolis come to the conference and show the entire movie for us.

The amazingness of this film can not be under stated. It was amazing. They utilized a huge cast of neighborhood kids. They re-created amazing stunts including setting a basement on fire, an action scene on a moving truck, exploding a truck, gun fights - everything. This is a genuine remake of Raiders, so they recreated all the action scenes in the original movie.

I had never seen the original movie yet. I have only seen this remake, and it was amazing. I was on the edge of my seat, constantly amazed at how well this movie turned out, constantly in disbelief that this was made by a number of 12 to 17 year olds, and constantly wondering what I wasted my teenage years on.

See the trailer:

See this newspaper article:


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Posted by: jav on Sep 28, 03 | 5:15 pm | Profile


That sounds really, really awesome. How can the rest of us get a chance to see it?

Posted by: Eric Albert on Sep 28, 03 | 8:31 pm
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