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I publish the South Winchester News

I started a new site that covers news on South Winchester Boulevard in San Jose. It's called South Winchester News. While I'm out and about, I take pictures of new things that are happening, do some research on them, and then write an article. So, if I see a new business, or a business closing, or some construction happening, I'll write an article about it. I've even started being journalistic and called some people.

I even convinced some people to help. My friend Scott, who lives on the south end of South Winchester, is going to reporting on things happening down there, and my wife Stacie will be doing restaurant reviews.

Posted by: jav on Apr 26, 09 | 1:45 pm | Profile


Hey Jon,

It was great to finally meet you. I enjoyed our interview. You are certainly a very interesting guy, and a good person on top of that. Anyway, good luck with your online newspaper - I will definitely check it out. Look forward to talking again sometime, and continuing to chat online.

Take care,


p.s. if you ever need any cartoons for your paper, let me know!

Posted by: john forward on May 16, 09 | 10:39 am
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