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One year anniversary of going on a date

This is the one year anniversary of going on a date with my girlfriend.

As readers of my last post will remember, I messed up, and I could have been celebrating this milestone one month ago.

It was March 2006 when I saw Stacie again at a taping of Keith Explains! So I walk up to her and act all suave and say, "So, Stacie, wanna get some coffee after the show?" To this, she replies, "I find it very odd that you're asking me to coffee when you didn't call me after I gave you my number last month." To this, I confusingly responded, "I was supposed to call you?"

I still had her card, so a couple days later I call her on the phone to ask her to coffee. I get her answering machine and leave a message, but soon we talk and set up a dinner date. Our first date was eight hours long. Perhaps a good sign of things to come.

Posted by: jav on Mar 08, 07 | 1:55 pm | Profile


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