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Don't let Apple Computer get beaten by a mall

Because I am a programming stud, I added a voting page to my girlfriend's web site for her dog. Every week she puts up two pictures of her dog being cute, and then visitors get to vote which picture they like. The dog who is in the winning picture wins a prize of dog treats or something like that. The catch is that the same dog is in all the pictures, so her dog wins, no matter what. Ha ha ha.

This month, there is a picture of the dog at the mall, and a picture of the dog sitting in front of an Apple Computer building. Because I'm a big Apple fan, I hope that the picture of the dog in front of Apple wins. Unfortunately, as far as "cute dog pictures" go, the picture of him at the mall looks more appealing. The Apple picture is losing by a wide margin.


So I implore you, reader of my blog, to go to the voting page before the end of the week and vote for the photo of the doggie in front of the Apple building. The picture of him at Apple is going to win either way, the only question is whether it will win "fairly". Ha ha.

Posted by: jav on Dec 30, 06 | 8:18 pm | Profile


What a cute dog! Seriously really cute dog... His site says he came from a kill-shelter... I didn't know you could find dogs that cute at a kill-shelter! What a nice guy you are for making him a voting program. The voting page says you can vote for him every single day! I'll be sure to do that for you so that Mac Fan has a fighting chance!


Posted by: TSG on Jan 02, 07 | 12:14 am
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