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I don't look completely unlike the sexiest man alive

People magazine recently announced who they thought was the sexiest man alive, and it's Matthew McConaughey. If you compare his picture with me, you'll see that I do not look entirely unlike him. That probably makes me sexier than most other men:

image image

I'll bet the only reason all the girls flock to him is because he's been on TV or in a movie (I'm unfamiliar with his work). I bet I'd become popular with the ladies if I appeared on some reality TV show like "Millionaire Geeks Who Can't Get Dates".

Posted by: jav on Dec 11, 05 | 8:22 pm | Profile


Matthew McConaughey has nothing on you! I think your name should be added to the list for consideration next year... You are the sexiest man as far as I'm concerned and you don't even have to be a geek or have a million dollars.

Rumor has it you are off the market. Your new girlfriend must be pretty understanding to let you leave your "Dating Availability" option on your contact form.


Posted by: TSG on Apr 04, 06 | 1:21 pm
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