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Back from MacHack

It's been an incredibly busy time the last couple weeks, so this entry is quite delayed. I got back 3 days ago.

MacHack is cool. I did a hack this year called Stinkin' Badges. It's not really a hack though - it's just a utility. The problem I wanted to solve is that when the screen saver starts up, I can no longer see the icons in my Dock and so I can't see their badges. So, without waking the screen saver, I can't see if I have new mail, new incoming iChat requests, or new articles from NetNewsWire. So my utility gathers up all the icons that any Cocoa application changes at runtime, and superimposes them on top of the screen saver. This way I can continue to enjoy my screen saver and also easily see if any of my apps need my attention.

I called it Stinkin' Badges because I call the little numbers on application icons "badges". "We don't need no stinkin' badges" is the only phrase I know that includes the word badges. For my efforts, I won some kind of scented thing from Duke's Hardware.

The hack worked as intended, but I'm going to clean it up to "productize" it, and then you'll be able to download it and use it.

Posted by: jav on Jun 24, 03 | 11:01 pm | Profile


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