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Eating ice cream in Half Baked

I just saw Half Baked on TV last night for the first time. I wanted to see it since Jon Stewart and Harland Williams were in it.

It was clear to me, being from Toronto, that although the movie was set in New York, several scenes were filmed in Toronto. In particular, the scene where Harland Williams mistakenly kills the diabetic horse, and the scene in the ice cream shop.

I found the ice cream shop scene particularly exciting since I used to live right near it for 4 years. It's Dutch Dreams, located at 78 Vaughan Road.

At one point, I think it was about 1989, the place caught on fire. The owner called my father and yelled, "My store is on fire! What should I do?" It's not clear if he called my father because my father was also Dutch, or because my father was an electrician. But my father gave him some sound advice: "Don't call me, call the fire department".

All turned out OK since it wasn't long before Dutch Dreams reopened.

Posted by: jav on Mar 17, 05 | 11:34 am | Profile


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