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Mac Mini selling out

The Mac Mini went on sale today. I walked to the Apple Store in the Valley Fair mall to check it out. I got there about 12:45, and they had already sold out long ago. I talked to one of the sales guyrs. There was a line of 200 people waiting outside when the store opened. They had about 68 in stock, and sold the last one to the last person in line. Fortunately, everyone in line who wanted one got one, but no one else. I wonder what the other people in line were in line for.

I envisioned the Mac Mini in my head a long time ago. I wanted to set up a web cam pointed at my cats so I could see them when I was at work. I probably could have taken a still picture of them sleeping on my couch when I left in the morning, and it would be an accurate representation for the rest of the day. But, ignoring that, I didn't want to set up a 20' FireWire cable from my camera to my Mac. I thought it would be cool to have tiny little Mac appliances that would just connect to a network. It wouldn't need a monitor or a keyboard. Just Mac OS X so I could ssh into it, network connectivity, and a FireWire port. Oh, and small and quiet. I might need a monitor and keyboard/mouse for the first time I set it up, but not again after that. The Mac Mini is just that appliance.

Posted by: jav on Jan 22, 05 | 2:58 pm | Profile



Posted by: dude on Jan 27, 05 | 11:14 am
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