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Now in High Def

I've had my eye on getting a new HD TV for a while, and I finally got one last week. It's a huge 52" LCD. I got a deal on it through an employee discount at work, although to be honest, I'm not sure if I really got a good deal or not.

When I got it, I had to pull it out of the box sideways and attach the stand to it. When I finished and lifted it up, I stood back to admire the greatness of it. My wife was observing me, and inquired if I could feel my manhood enlarging.

I hooked it up to my existing standard definition Tivo. Things looked much larger, but now I could see the limitations of the standard definition.

I tried to watch some over the air channels. At first my TV could not find any. Then I remembered that the previous owners had a TV antennae on the roof, so I connected that to the TV. The TV now found about 30 digital channels and some analog channels.

The analog channels looked as bad as I predicted they would. Not clear with lots of static. But the digital ones came in totally clear. I see why they're turning off analog. But digital doesn't mean high definition. Some channels came in high definition, and they looked absolutely amazing. I remember watching David Letterman in high definition, and being awed at how I could see the fabric of the chair that the guest was sitting on, and because the show was widescreen, being able to see items like his mug of pencils that I wouldn't have been able to see before.

I tried playing a DVD. I had a DVD player that's about 6 or so years old. It's best outputs were S-video and component. When playing on the TV, I could really notice the pixelation when I tried playing the DVD widescreen. I may need to fiddle with some settings on the DVD player. Modern DVD players offer a HDMI output and upscale to 1080p, and even more modern DVD players are Blu Ray.

The moral is that when you get a high definition TV, you'll realize quickly how all your old standard definition equipment isn't good enough anymore. I'll post some more describing ways I got around these problems.

Posted by: jav on May 26, 08 | 5:07 pm | Profile


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