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Published in MacTech

I'm now published in MacTech. It's very exciting. I started reading MacTech back in 1994. I always wanted to have an article in there, and now I do. There's no reason why I couldn't have had an article in there before, I just never wrote anything.

MacTech (formerly MacTutor) is a programming journal for the Macintosh.

I'm now a columnist it turns out. I wrote something called John And Pals' Puzzle Page. The name is from Kon and Bal's Puzzle Page which used to appear in Apple's develop magazine.

I hope I haven't gotten myself over my head. I had material for 2 months worths of columns in 2 days, but now my source of content has dried up, kind of. Hope it all works out.

Posted by: jav on Jul 09, 03 | 11:45 pm | Profile


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