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This past weekend I was offered marijuana for the first time. Of course I didn't accept, but it was nice to finally be asked.

Posted by: jav on Feb 01, 06 | 4:49 pm | Profile


It's nice to know someone cared enough to ask. JAV, I have some primo Angel Dust...would you like to partake? = )-

Posted by: Melanie G. on Feb 02, 06 | 5:18 am

Best to stay away from all of it. I have been there, done that, you did not miss much. Get married, have kids, and you won't miss a thing.
You still wake up with a bad smell in bed with you, You stilll wake up the next day from not enough sleep, you'll get less of what you got married for in the first place, cause they are IN BED WITH YOU!!! But when you see there little urchin faces awake or asleep it is all worth it. You get to make up stories about stuff to make them go to sleep at night, or to eat their food, or to stay out of the stickers. They believe ANYTHING you tell them. Better then chemical high any day, after telling them about your night job at a secret undersea lab in the Marianas Trench fighting off the Manta Men invading the Earth and eating their livers. Just show them a pic on the internet of the creature from the Black Lagoon and they are True Believers. Using your brain and inspring others is better than any drug.

Posted by: BDavis on Mar 18, 06 | 9:48 am

If you like being offered things, spend a Saturday afternoon strolling Haight street between Stanyan and Lyon.

Posted by: Victor Card on Nov 01, 06 | 8:10 pm
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