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I have no recollection

Yesterday I got some wisdom teeth removed from my head, but I don't remember much about it.

I was in the dentist's chair, and the last thing I remember was asking, "Did you just stick a needle in me?" The next thing I remember was eating ice cream at my kitchen table at home 4 hours later.

I remember 3 2-second flashes:
1) being put into a wheelchair
2) seeing my colleague Erika in the lobby, ready to give me a ride home
3) alone in the car in the Long's drugstore parking lot

I don't remember the surgery itself, or the car rides, or walking into my house. How interesting.

Posted by: jav on Oct 18, 05 | 6:11 pm | Profile



Congrats on your house purchase. I was wondering when you were finally going to make the move.


Posted by: sj on Nov 09, 05 | 7:20 pm


I've got this little hobbyist web site and I have used several of your PhotoPage html generators with much success. (I'm very lazy and I also use Homepage.) But I was wondering if you have another iteration of you handiwork? If not, can you point me in the direction of the current program. I can't find it. (Well, I told you I was lazy and perhaps I haven't look hard enough.)

Oh, and cool blogs too.


Posted by: ed Kenlon on Nov 10, 05 | 4:22 pm
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