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I invented new iPods
Freshly Ground Salt?
I was there when the comeback began!
Al Gore in a hybrid
I was on the radio
I met Kathy Griffin
I invented new iPods
I met the MythBusters!
I invented the iPhone
New Business Cards
Person of the Year uses a Mac
I can fix that iPod shuffle
Update your iPod's firmware now!
New Ski Report widget
Fun with Photo Booth
Steve Jobs mentions my product by code name
Mac foils Windows again!
Wallflowers play at Apple WWDC 2005
Buy Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger from someone who wrote it
Stoner at Apple Shareholder Meeting
Apple on cover of Business 2.0
On Crazy Apple Rumors again
Steve Jobs in Fortune
iPod shuffle pretty nifty
Mac Mini selling out
Crazy Apple Earnings
I'm a Crazy Rumour
Great Review of my Migration Assistant
What I Would Look Like in an iPod Ad
Web Page for my New Feature
My new feature ships!
My picture of the Icon Garden
iPods attack Toronto subway
Macintosh Marketing Story
Clipboard Sharing is awesome
This new G5 is freaking awesome!
Woo hoo! New Power Mac G5!
New G5s Look Sweet
Back from MacHack


Great A&W Food
Where to move to in Canada
Vote for Kerry
JAV International Road Trip 2004 stops in Trail
JAV International Road Trip 2004 stops in Vancouver
JAV International Road Trip 2004 tour dates announced
Canadian Chocolate Bars
Hot Banana Pepper Rings
Dodged Jury Duty Yet Again

Funny Things I Do

I was on TV again
The Disappearing Beard
The Evil John A. Vink
I was on TV
My Life on the E-List
Pie Day
How you like me now, bitch?
Freeway Crop Circles
Voicemail from "Ron"
Dinner with Woz
One year anniversary of not going on a date
Don't let Apple Computer get beaten by a mall
Ed Bradley is black?
Halloween Candy
I'm dating Sandra Oh
I don't look completely unlike the sexiest man alive
My Annual Caricature
The Sad Egg Story
I'm a basket head
My caricature

High Def TV

Simpsons in High Def
The DirecTV HR20 is the crappiest DVR ever
Now in High Def


Free jacket
I found an orange tree in my backyard
I moved into my freakin' house
I bought a freakin' house!

I Am Awesome

I publish the South Winchester News
I bowled a 233


INXS in Berkeley
JAV & INXS in Oakland
JAV Parties with INXS in San Francisco
J. D. Fortune named new INXS singer
On TV Tonight
JAV auditions for INXS, results as expected
What I think about INXS and Rock Star
INXS to appear on Rock Star
New INXS DVD Coming Soon
All INXS albums now on iTunes
See my iTunes music store commercial


Tom Jones comes to Apple
George Michael
No one else likes the music I like
Fara on iTunes
Found Fara in Quebec City
JAV becomes music industry executive
Wacky iTunes top seller
Tears for Fears were great
Duane's Top 100 Song List
My Top 100 Songs of All Time
Tears for Fears in San Francisco
Sophie B. Hawkins was fabulous
Simply Red was pretty good

Nature / Animals

It might be Sun
The U of Life on my Balcony
Quack Quack
Nature keeping me up at night
Caught my Squirrel Burying Nuts


My dog went to New York and got robbed
My dog is going to be on the Today show

Technical Stuff

Copy and Paste Extreme
New server


It's 2008 and the world has not ended
Bad Tacos
Tom Dowdy
Duane Got Married!
Good Night, Binomial
I have no recollection
Blogging from beyond the grave
Subway wants me to be a fat cow
Tried to buy a house
San Francisco screwed me again
Gas is a lotta money
Bye Mr. Ritter
I'm getting old
Something's wrong with the DMV
Oh Snapple, why have you forsaken me?
I lost an eBay auction


How we met - with Barbies
Another Wedding Photo
Great Wedding Photo

Wedding Planning

I'm married, yo!
Photographer and Invitations
Save The Date cards
Booking a Venue
Wedding Planning