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Fri Mar 14, 2008

Pie Day

Today is March 14, which is known to geeks everywhere as Pie Day. That's because the first few digits of pi is 3.14.

So I went to Baker's Square yesterday to buy some pies. I asked the cashier lady if she knew it was Pie Day tomorrow. I fully expected her to not have heard of it, and when I told her about it, she would think I was some kind of geek/nerd/loser.

But the cashier had already heard about Pie Day since some other guy was in that day getting pies for his math class. Even so, I still believe she thinks I am some kind of geek/nerd/loser.

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Tue Mar 04, 2008

Al Gore in a hybrid

As I was leaving the Apple Inc annual shareholder meeting this morning, I saw Al Gore cram his baggage into the trunk of this hybrid, and then get into the driver seat and drive away.


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