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Tue Aug 21, 2007

Voicemail from "Ron"

"Ron" (not his real name) was coming to meet me for lunch. He called and left a voicemail to say he was nearby. Something happened in the car when he was leaving the message:

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Sat Aug 11, 2007

Photographer and Invitations

A couple months ago we hired our wedding photographer. My fiance Stacie showed me the web sites of several photographers she knew were good and got me to pick one. I picked Todd Rafalovich. The work on his web site looked quite fantastic. We met with him on a Saturday morning, and signed up right away.

Now that everyone has had time to get their Save The Date magnets and hang them on their fridge (where it will stay for the next 30 years), we've gotten cracking on the invitations. Stacie has been busy designing them, and we hope to have them done and in the mail next week. It's been smooth sailing, except for the debates we've had over the spelling of Whores De Ooveres and whether the address of the wedding should be on the invitation.

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