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Fri Feb 02, 2007

One year anniversary of not going on a date

Yesterday was the one year anniversary of not asking my girlfriend out on a date.

It was February of 2006. I had been hounding Stacie to go out on a date with me. Every month when she came to be a studio audience member of Keith Explains, I'd always be friendly with her and ask her to coffee. She would say things like, "I don't drink coffee" and "How old are you?" Finally, this month, I had wore her down. She gave me her business card.

More suave, non-geeks would realize that this meant I should call her. I was confused, and thought it meant I should pass her information onto prospective customers. Not a lot of women have given me their numbers, so I guess I didn't really clue in.

But apparently that adds to my charm, since we did eventually go on a date, and we've seen each other every day since then.

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