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Sun Dec 11, 2005

I don't look completely unlike the sexiest man alive

People magazine recently announced who they thought was the sexiest man alive, and it's Matthew McConaughey. If you compare his picture with me, you'll see that I do not look entirely unlike him. That probably makes me sexier than most other men:

image image

I'll bet the only reason all the girls flock to him is because he's been on TV or in a movie (I'm unfamiliar with his work). I bet I'd become popular with the ladies if I appeared on some reality TV show like "Millionaire Geeks Who Can't Get Dates".

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Wed Dec 07, 2005

JAV Parties with INXS in San Francisco

Last Friday, INXS performed at a private party for Advance in San Francisco. Advance is an organization for Australians working in the United States. I have an Australian friend who is in the organization who knew of the event and who knew what a huge fan I was. She let me know, and it's a good thing, otherwise I would have never known.

INXS performed at the Advance Gala. Because it was a Gala, I dressed up real nice. The band came on at 10 pm, and performed a short 8 song set:
Pretty Vegas
New Sensation
What You Need
Need You Tonight
Devil's Party
Don't Change
Suicide Blonde

The show was really fantastic. I took lots and lots of photos. The band and new singer JD Fortune were really tight.

I was in the front row, and the band members nodded to me as they saw me. After the show, Kirk (the guitar and sax guy) leaned over and provided me with instructions to meet them backstage.

Backstage I met the new guy for the first time (I briefly yelled at him in LA, but that doesn't count). He seemed very nice and very down to earth, and all the guys are getting along with him famously. I got all the original members to sign my new INXS autobiography, and also got all of them to sign the new album Switch.

The new guy, JD Fortune, and me.

The old guy, Kirk Pengilly, and me.

After that we all headed to the band's hotel for drinks at the bar. Couldn't stay up too late since they had to perform on VH1's Big In '05 awards in LA the next day.

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