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Tue Oct 18, 2005

I have no recollection

Yesterday I got some wisdom teeth removed from my head, but I don't remember much about it.

I was in the dentist's chair, and the last thing I remember was asking, "Did you just stick a needle in me?" The next thing I remember was eating ice cream at my kitchen table at home 4 hours later.

I remember 3 2-second flashes:
1) being put into a wheelchair
2) seeing my colleague Erika in the lobby, ready to give me a ride home
3) alone in the car in the Long's drugstore parking lot

I don't remember the surgery itself, or the car rides, or walking into my house. How interesting.

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Sun Oct 16, 2005

Blogging from beyond the grave

Some of you may know about the time I had surgery inside my head. Tomorrow, it happens again.

It's not so dramatic this time. I'm getting oral surgery to remove my wisdom teeth, which should have been removed in the last century. I inquired whether I could "pass on" from this surgery, and I was informed that it was a possibility.

So if you don't see me post again, I could be dead. Chances are I did not leave you anything.

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I found an orange tree in my backyard

Regular readers of my blog will know that I just bought a house. I got the house at the end of August and moved in in early September. So I've lived here for about 6 weeks. A couple weeks ago I bought an orange tree and planted it in my front yard.

Just 20 minutes ago, I found an orange tree in my backyard. I was very surprised. My backyard is not gigantic, so it's not like it was hiding in the west acre. It looked like a big bush. I thought I heard a rustle in the bush, so I went to see if there was a cat or squirrel in the bush. I didn't find any animals, but I found fruit. The oranges are very green since it's not orange season yet, so they were totally camouflaged within the green leaves.

I also have three other orange trees leaning over my property from neighbors' yards as well as a lemon tree. I'm going to eat well this year.

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Thu Oct 13, 2005

Fun with Photo Booth


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Wed Oct 12, 2005

Steve Jobs mentions my product by code name

Today there was an Apple Event where Steve Jobs announced a number of products. One was the new application Photo Booth. He said the idea for this application came from the Mac OS X setup application called MacBuddy. MacBuddy is an internal code name, and no one outside Apple knows what this is. It's known to the public as the Setup Assistant. MacBuddy is what I spend part of my time working on.

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Fri Oct 07, 2005

J. D. Fortune named new INXS singer

This is old news now, but J. D. Fortune was named the new singer of INXS in the finale of Rock Star : INXS.


I often get asked what I think of the choice of Fortune as the new singer. I'm happy about it. I would have been happy with any of the finalists. Early on in the series, I became a fan of J. D., Marty Casey, and Mig Ayesa. They are all great.

I think Mig's downfall was that he didn't write a song that became a fan favorite. He wrote a slow ballad, which was not at all in the style of INXS. Marty wrote the song Trees and J. D. wrote Pretty Vegas. However, Marty had written the song before the series, while J. D. wrote his song while he was on the show. So this is why I believe J. D. was chosen.

As a longtime friend of the band, I was able to get some VIP passes for the taping of the finale and the after party at the House Of Blues.

Before the taping I was waiting around backstage, and I got to say Hi to some members of INXS and management and other INXS fans. I saw a lot of the contestants. I saw J. D. walk by to an elevator so I thought I would just say Hi and wish him luck. When I got to him, the elevator had just opened and he was getting in, so I just blurted out, "JD! You rock!", and felt like a moron immediately afterwards.

At the end of the show, the band performed a new song called Easy Easy. It was really good. They then played about 5 songs from the INXS back catalog.

I ran into some INXS members after the show. I asked if they remembered me auditioning for the show, and then just nodded and said, "Yeah..."

The after party was at the House of Blues which was quite an interesting place. Most of the band and contestants were there. We all watched the finale as it aired on CBS. I was watching it "near" Marty.

I met a nice woman named Liz at the party. After talking with her for about 10 minutes, I discovered she was Marty's sister. She appeared on one episode of the show after Marty had won the encore performance. We became best friends for the night.


The first single with J. D. is now out. It's Pretty Vegas - the song J. D. wrote while on the show. Get it from iTunes now, and watch for the new album Switch coming out in November.

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I moved into my freakin' house

I've been really really very very busy moving into my house. The big move happened last month on September 11. I've been spending the month unpacking, mowing the lawn, and hanging a new mailbox.

The big Housewarming Party is on October 22. If you know me and you wanna come, send me an email.

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