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Sat Apr 23, 2005

Buy Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger from someone who wrote it

Apple's new operating system Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger comes out on the evening of Friday, April 29, 2005. Apple stores are holding special events where you can be the first to get your copy.

But why buy your Tiger from just anywhere when you can buy it from an actual Tiger engineer? I will be at the Valley Fair Apple Store in Santa Clara helping out. The store opens for the Tiger event at 6 pm. I'll be there from 6 pm to closing. If you want to buy your Tiger from an Apple Tiger engineer, say, "I want to buy my Tiger from John A. Vink!"

If you bring a pen, I will also autograph your copy of Tiger and pose for photos.

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Thu Apr 21, 2005

Stoner at Apple Shareholder Meeting

Today was the Apple Annual Shareholder Meeting. During the Q&A session, a guy who sounded and kinda looked like Steven Wright asked this:

Stoner: "I, like, bought a Pepsi to get a free song".
Stoner: "I bought a Green Day song."
Stoner: "Then I had this plastic Pepsi bottle left over."
Steve Jobs: "You bought a Pepsi just for the song?"
Stoner: "Yeah..."
Steve Jobs: "It would have been cheaper just to buy the song."
Stoner: "...Yeah."

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Sat Apr 02, 2005

Apple on cover of Business 2.0

There's an article on the cover of Business 2.0 magazine about what new product are coming from Apple.


The article is fictional, however. The author is just guessing at what things Apple could put out. There's no "big scoop". So don't bother buying the magazine. You can read this article online for free anyways.

But I can't think of any other company that gets this kind of coverage. I don't see articles about the next big thing from Proctor and Gamble, General Electric, or Ford. But people are constantly looking with bated breath at whatever product comes from Apple. This used to only apply to Macheads, but now it's spreading to mere mortals.

Macheads have long known how great Apple products have been. The iPod introduced to the world what the Macheads had known all along. Apple products are so wonderfully designed that there hasn't been a single dud in the last 8 years. Only one product has been discontinued - the Power Mac G4 Cube. And this isn't a product that was a dud - it was just mis-priced. It's still a product of wonderful design.

This is what attracts people to Apple products. People want to see exciting, perfect products, and only Apple delivers.

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